iMessage for PC | How to Install iMessage on PC, Windows, Mac

iMessage for PC | How to Install iMessage on PC, Windows, Mac

As we know there are many popular messaging app like Whatsapp, Telegram, messenger but iMessage is favorite for iOS user. iMessage only work in apple device, if you want iMessage app on Window PC, you have to install app by following process.

We know now a days technology is advance and everything is on fingertips of everyone. Now people can enjoy or connect with friends through iMessage app on PC. Therefore app can be installed through various means. Science and technology essential for better tomorrow.

iMessage for PC
iMessage for PC

Chatting and messaging is very important for everyone and best way to contact with each other. iMessage is better platform for iOS user through iPhone, iMac, iPad. But now we can use messaging app on window, android too. How to install iMessage for PC or Window.

Main problem – Many people may face problem that they don’t know how to install or working on a window-based device. So read information about how to receive and send message on iMessage from PC device. Read details regarding How to get iMessage on our Window PC.

iMessage for PC

Benefits – imessage one of the most popular app for many people to communicate official reasons, personal reasons, with their loved one and other more. So get process to install app for window devices.¬† Apple’s iMessage for window or PC a topic much talk and searched on internet and many people search how to get Apple messaging app on computer. For those non-apple users who also want to enjoy iMessage with his friends, maybe you need the following process and tricks.

Through imessage actually make our communication much easier, increase user engagement, by using Wi-Fi it is much easier which create a virtual iOS ecosystem on your PC. How to install Window 7, 8, 10, iMac. How do I connect my iMessage app on my computer.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop Service

Install iOS Emulator on Computer

Get Access to iMessage History on Computer

How to Get iMessage on Mac ?

How to Install iMessage on PC

First Process РUsing Chrome Remote Desktop Service 

There are various process and using CRD (Chrome Remote Desktop) extension is simplest way to get iMessage for Window but you need to have MAC.

iMessage for PC download
iMessage for PC download
  • Firstly install google chrome and chrome remote desktop extension on both MAC and your Window PC.
  • Then launch the app on both computer, click get started under “My Computer”.
  • After that Click on Enable remote connection, download CRD host installer. Open installer and follow onscreen instructions to complete installation.
  • Then you can remotely connect both computer & really enjoy iMessage on Window based device.

Second Process – Install iOS Emulator on Computer or iPadian

If you don’t have a MAC you have another option to install app in computer to enjoy apple’s messaging app. So install an iOS emulator on window device. It’s an third party software & creating virtual iOS ecosystem on windows as well as linux computer for using iOS applications. iOS emulator – APP.IO, iPadian, SmartFace, iPhone simulator.

Install carefully it may would probably bring some unwanted software or malware in device. After that finishing installation of emulator, you can use app on computer.

Third Process – Download iMessage for Windows using Bluestacks

Firstly we have to install bluestacks to get running, It’s an instant msg app made by Apple. It allows to chat with to our friends. So we can even use in computer (window).

At first we have to download Bluestacks Android and install by follow process given below. Then search iMessage app in search bar and setup it, after that chat with friends.

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How to Install iMessage on Mac ?

It’s an amazing way to get all your message threads from iphone to Mac. You have to follow simple steps.

Search messages in MAC device directly will search for iMessage app installed on your device. If you would not find result about messages. Then check OS version. It should not be less than MAC OS 10.8 and check software updates on your device. Update your software successfully and download iMessage app in macbook to proceed further.

iMessage for MAC
iMessage for MAC

After that open app and use Apple ID to get all message threads and other data automatically in your device. You can also multimedia message as well.

People may search – iMessage app is good but can we get messaging app on my PC or Window device. As we know chatting and messaging is most important for everyone. Messaging is a best way to connect with each other (official or personal). Therefore so many people may seeking for how to use apple messaging app on PC and computer device.