imessage for Android – [Free~Download] apk imessage app for Android

imessage for Android – [Free~Download] apk imessage app for Android

Android device – Android operating system, android an muster of applications and software intended for smartphone device that trait an operating system, core apps and middleware. iOS device – Product that use apple’s operating system.

iMessage – Free messaging and chatting service from apple that enable user of apple’s operating system powered device. It allow to text msg or chatting, also support sending photo, video, weblinks as well as contacts and location information.

iPhone and Android have key difference i.e android device can not use iMessages or iOS apps. But if you have right software and computer, it’s possible to install imessage app for android device.

weMessage is application available for android operating system (who desire to use imessage in android device). Complete process given below to install.

IMessage for Android

Usually you can’t use iOS app on android operating system device because Apple specially use end-to-end encryption for security reasons from the device they are sent or device receiving through apple servers. But know there are various methods to use Apple Message app at android So get how to install iMessage in Android or How to use iMessage for android.

iMessage for Android
iMessage for Android

Apple messaging app have various feature, cool effects and user can also sent photo, video, contact, location and other media file.

People can now send or use application on Android devices, So thanks to an app called weMessage. Mac computer necessary (means you can not escape apple entirely. weMessage app that allows you to use iMessage on phone and tablet which have androids operating system. Complete process and details given below. Read carefully how to use and install apple’s messaging app in android device. First of all MAC and android should be on same Wifi.

Imessage for android apk download

Process to install Apple messaging app on android –

  • Firstly go to the Google play through your android device. Search & install the weMessage app.
  • After that click on icon and launch weMessage on your Android operating system. Then tap continue – pop-up window ask for permission to access your message and texts. After that tap allow.
  • After that enter iMessage email address & password for signup and signin. If process complete properly, conversation screen.
  • You can send or receive text message in standard way, text message who has iphone and if message appear in blue iMessage bubble, it’s working properly.

Chat or messaging means sending or receiving message. It may be official and personal or within lovers. So android user can use apple messaging app, download or install messaging app from google play store. After that install properly and follow instructions and iphone iMessage app.

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