iMessage on icloud – ios [12/11/10] imessage New update Not Working

iMessage on icloud – ios [12/11/10] imessage New update Not Working

Apple iOS latest updates finally brought iMessage in iCloud. What is iCloud and how icloud support for apple’s messaging app.

When we install or set up Apple icloud you will get 5GB storage for your files backup and for obvious reasons. Means user can keep their photo, video in icloud library and document file saved to drive of icloud.

iMessage in iCloud

Why icloud important for apple messaging app – To ensure all text, file and document are up to date for your devices through imessage. If anyone need more icloud space, it’s available and starting from $0.99 per month. After latest apple update message in icloud. Message synchronize across all devices. after that you can be remove files from devices and can accessible from cloud store.

iMessage on iCloud

As we know iMessage one of favorite app for apple user. From messaging app you can send text message, photo, video and contact and location share. iMessage app for Apple users (iOS devices like iphone and MAC). People can send message by Message app means apple instant messaging application.

iCloud – As we know it’s built into iOS devices. To save photo, video, file and sweet memories. All user get 5GB storage to start and it’s free of cost. So check here Apple messages in iCloud.

imessage on icloud
imessage on icloud

It’s a better tool for Apple user, because they can use their saved files from their all devices at any time without any problem. But it should syncs your message across all devices. Means if you set up new device you can restore your old files and backup to your new device or iphone.

How to enable Message in iCloud on device – Open setting – Tap on icloud and apple ID setting – Tap on icloud and toggle message on

How to enable message in iCloud on Mac – Open message app – On menu bar at top screen click on message then open preference. – Chose imessage account and make enable message in iCloud.

iMessage not Working New Update

There are various reasons for iMessage not working and New update imessage stop working like carrier setting, imessage app on/off setting and other issues.

Also there are various reasons for iMessage issues after latest iOS update like 11/12 update. It cause some error due to device slow or running out memory. But other possibilities include software glitch or other hardware malfunctions.

Some possible cause of imessage not working or cause issues like –

  • Network Setting are not properly set up
  • iMessage application not set up correctly
  • Apple device running low in memory
  • May also iMessage server is down
  • Not delivering or sending the message

iMessage not active after iOS 11/12 upgrade – Firstly ensure your device date & time should be update. When you operating iMessage you should connect WiFi secure connection. Then check your upgradation should be properly without any error.

Solutions – Ensure for stable internet connection and command siri for work properly.

iMessage not receiving any message = Perform force reset iOS device. By long pressing sleep or wake button and home button until your device starts rebooting. After reset all network setting. Setting -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network setting.


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